Change your inner conversations and change your world

I was listening to this audiobook today about gratitude, and it was basically about changing our mindsets. One of the proposals for example was going from “I have to do something” to “I get to to something”. I felt it like a very powerful exercise. When I did it in relation to my to-do list, my emotions drastically changed. That remined me about how language shapes our worlds.

To connect or not connect

The need of connection -scientists say- is an evolutionary necessity. We need to connect with others. That’s probably why, in the past we created these very large communities, to help each other raising kids and doing stuff. Today we live more separately, and those large communities are not so, especially in big cities. Several things that used to be granted by the family are now provided by the state, or by other types of communities. And of course, we are permanently connecting online. But is it enough?

Of habits and commitment

Tell me what your habits are, and I’ll tell you what you’re committed to. The actions that we perform -those which we are or aren’t aware of- basically show us where our interests lie. And when I refer to actions, I mean them in the broader sense: from what we say, to what our morning routines are, to how we walk, to what we think about. How well do you we know ourselves from this perspective?

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