About Me



To help individuals learn about themselves, their teams and their communities, contributing to their wellbeing and adding value to human cooperation in general.

Human actions always take place in interaction. There are many examples of this. When we organize a meal together. When we build a house. Basically, everything that implies doing something with somebody else. We are both individual and social beings.

In order to be able to do stuff effectively with others it is worth to both understand our own selves as well as think about what we want to be: as individuals, as groups pursuing the same goals, and as a society. Why is it worth it? It makes cooperation more efficient. It yields more lasting results. It generates wellbeing.

If I know myself or know how we are as a team, we will then be able to figure out what we want to become. This entails learning about how we see the world, how we talk to ourselves and to others, what emotions we create, what actions we perform. And so on.

The logic behind it is to increase the awareness we have about all of this. Then, we can start thinking about how to get what we are missing, make the changes that we need, and discover and reinforce the resources that we already have.


To help individuals and teams become their best possible versions .


A world where we are all being our best possible versions. Thus, enhancing our interactions and reinforcing human cooperation.


My broad background is what allows me to diversely contribute to and enrich individual and interpersonal learning processes.

First, I graduated in English / Spanish translation and worked as a translator as well as an English teacher for some years, both for private students and corporations. These experiences made me aware of the diversity that exists in learning and in teaching, as well as of the impact that cultural differences and viewpoints have on society.

I also studied political science, specializing in public policy. This led me to work in different areas of government, where my job was mainly in public relations and program coordination, mostly in liaison with the private sector as well as NGOs. Here is where I discovered my passion for team coaching.

Finally, I studied to become a coach. And this helped me shape and continue moving towards a path that I had already started, as well as expand my expertise and techniques. In the future, my next steps will undoubtedly continue in that direction. Here you can check out what SERVICES I have to offer.

I am in constant learning, specially incorporating new literature in areas of philosophy, neuroscience, and psychology. In my free time, I also do yoga and take part in creative writing workshops.

Certified in

Ontological Coaching

AACOP Coach Ontológico Profesional
FICOP Coach Ontológico Profesional