Can a blog entry be a letter to myself?

Eli Szein
07 November 2021
Eli Szein

It’s been more than a year now that I’ve decided to become a full-time coach. What does this mean? That I started helping people reach their goals by taking up new clients and offering courses related to what I do. It’s true, I haven’t been as active as I would have wanted in social media, or even my blog. But here I am, at last. And not in vain have I let all this time pass: I’ve come to realize more strongly what it is I want to say, which I will start doing more periodically moving forward.

I’ll start today by saying that I’m here for you, and that it has become my passion to do that in my work. Being a coach is not about telling people what to do (or at least the type of coaching that I do), but rather, helping people figure that out for themselves. As human beings, we’re very biologically-specific organisms with so much in common, but as people, each of us have developed our own understanding of the world and thus want different things. My role is to help you learn about yourself, which sometimes is the hardest thing to do.

My training as a coach has been in Argentina and in the US. I’ve trained as an ontological coach, which means that we believe that it’s not only about the actions that we perform but also about the way we look at the world. I’ve also trained in habit coaching, taking a closer look at how to be able to change our ingrained behavior. What we do and how we understand the world around us go hand in hand in the quest of our dreams and anything that we want to accomplish in life, whatever that is.

So, I hope I’ll be seeing more of you here to be able to help you, as I start also to come here more often. My commitment to myself and also to you is to expand my offer as a coach, to include:

  • Online or face-to-face synchronous sessions (Zoom, Meet, etc.)
  • Online asynchronous coaching by texting (through the find a coach directory of Coach.Me)
  • More content related to coaching through my blog and in social media
  • Online and face-to-face workshops

To conclude, I do believe a blog entry can be a letter to myself. A letter that I needed to make an affirmation towards the future, and which I’m making public so I can finally put myself out here. Have you ever needed to write a letter to yourself to make a commitment stronger and clearer? Let me hear you!

Thanks for “listening” and see you later!  

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Ontological Coaching

AACOP Coach Ontológico Profesional
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